Mixtape to kick off 2014

kiwa_promo mix january 2014

It’s been 4 years since our last mixtape so it was about time to get something out there for you guys. Here’s some of the tunes we have been playing in our sets for the past few years, including some of Kiwa releases from 2013. This mixtape takes us from glitch hop beats through electro and drum & bass tunes, keeping the vibes uplifting all the way through.

DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.kiwamusic.com/kiwa-promo-mix-january-2014/


1. Kiwa – Evacuate The Soul
2. K12 – There You go
3. Kiwa – Flash Forward (Original Mix)
4. Excision & Skism – Sexism (Far Too Loud Remix)
5. Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lasers
6. Kiwa – Think Twice
7. Kiwa – Feed The Static
8. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Kiwa Remix)
9. Kiwa – Redemption (Eshericks Remix)
10. Dirtyphonics – Walk In The Fire (Schoolboy Remix)
11. Excision & Far Too Loud – Destroid 8 Annihilate
12. Kiwa – Relativity Theory
13. Dodge & Fuski – Turn It Up (Xilent Remix)
14. Mind Vortex – Arc
15. Rockwell – Childhood Memories (Metrik Remix)
16. Metrik – Break Of Dawn
17. Darth & Vader – Empire Strikes Back
18. Beatman & Ludmilla – Moldova (Davip Remix)
19. Fukkk Off – Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
20. Millions Like Us – Don’t Let Go (Far Too Loud Remix)
21. I.Y.F.F.E & Au5 – French Cigarette

Boomstick EP Out Now!











The long awaited Boomstick EP is now out on Beatport and other digital stores. Get your copy here – https://www.beatport.com/release/boomstick-ep/1166449

Press release & previews – https://www.kiwa.fi/event/boomstick-ep/

Boomstick EP

… and now for something completely different!

Since our previous release ‘Feed The Static EP’ we are returning from uplifting and melodic breaks into the world of epic moods and rough baselines. ‘The Boomstick EP’ takes us from 110 bpm beats to psychedelic electro house and drum & bass tunes.

Our journey starts off with ‘Boomstick’, built on cinematic funk atmospheres and legendary samples from Bruce Campbell. Next up are two electro house tunes, ‘Don’t Get Dumb’ with a Prodigy type of rave vibe, followed by a booty shaking remix for Tom Cosm. We are also introducing the first official remix for the Omen Sisters taken from their debut album ‘Combine Combust’. For the past year this d’n’b tune has proven to be a total dancefloor filler. Last but not least we’re diving into subwoofer rocking, atmospheric and glitchy grooves with ‘Relativity Theory’.

Released by Adapted Records, ‘Boomstick EP’ is out on Beatport and other digital stores October 14th!


Feed The Static EP Out Now!


Download link, info and previews HERE

Feed The Static EP

‘Feed The Static EP’ takes a nostalgic look a few years back to the times of energetic and uplifting party breaks. This EP features 3 remastered breaks tunes we have played in our live sets since 2010 always receiving a massive response on the dancefloor. To top it all we’ve added a raw and kicking electro house remix of Flash Forward into the set.

Buy on Beatport



1. Feed The Static
2. Flash Forward (Original Mix)
3. Primitive Groove
4. Flash Forward (Electro Mix)

Released by Elektroshok Records.

Mastering by Kiwa.

New Kiwa Releases In The Pipeline

kiwa ep mastering

We are happy to let you know that we have signed 2 new EPs which will be coming out during the fall 2013. The tracks are currently in the final mixing and mastering stage. It has been a demanding process but we simply want to make sure the outcome will sound as fat, polished and high end as possible.

Feed The Static EP‘ will be released September 16th by the Spanish breaks label Elektroshok Records. These guys have been making it big in Beatport for quite some time now. The release features breaks and electro house styles followed by a remix of ‘Feed The Static’ from the American breaks producer Bella.

The second one will follow shortly after on the almighty Australian label Adapted Records. Know as the Beatport chart topping and #1 glitch hop label at the moment, we are super excited about this collaboration. ‘The Boomstick EP‘ is a versatile release featuring 110 bpm club tracks, electro house and drum ‘n’ bass tunes. Pretty much all the styles we are into right now!

Evacuate The Soul OUT NOW


Download link, info and previews HERE

Press release.

Evacuate The Soul is a statement. The EP steps outside Kiwa’s usual electro and dancefloor style and takes the listener on an intense, gritty and futuristic journey. The release features 4 tunes starting with a moombahcore style track and continuing with 3 drumstep bangers.

For years now Kiwa’s live sets have been featuring drum and bass and broken beat tunes so it was about time to dedicate a release for this type of sound. For fans of massive basslines, epic melody structures and intense beats this release is sure to make an impact.


Tracks 1,2,4 written & produced by Markku Louhio
Track 3 written by Matti Elsinen & Markku Louhio, produced by Markku Louhio

Mastering by Kiwa & Shane McEnhill @ Finyl Tweek

Soundcloud preview.

New Website Up!

Welcome! We’re proud to give you Kiwa’s new home in the grid.

It has been a long process to collect all our releases in one website and we hope you’ll find the DISCOGRAPHY page useful. Don’t forget to check out the MIXES section for our selection of the best Kiwa mixtapes from the past years.

We hope you all a good summer.

Big ups!

– Markku / Kiwa

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