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… and now for something completely different!

Since our previous release ‘Feed The Static EP’ we are returning from uplifting and melodic breaks into the world of epic moods and rough baselines. ‘The Boomstick EP’ takes us from 110 bpm beats to psychedelic electro house and drum & bass tunes.

Our journey starts off with ‘Boomstick’, built on cinematic funk atmospheres and legendary samples from Bruce Campbell. Next up are two electro house tunes, ‘Don’t Get Dumb’ with a Prodigy type of rave vibe, followed by a booty shaking remix for Tom Cosm. We are also introducing the first official remix for the Omen Sisters taken from their debut album ‘Combine Combust’. For the past year this d’n’b tune has proven to be a total dancefloor filler. Last but not least we’re diving into subwoofer rocking, atmospheric and glitchy grooves with ‘Relativity Theory’.

Released by Adapted Records. Mastering by Kiwa.