KIWA is back with a new track on Gravitas Recordings July 28th, the second single off his massive album coming later in August. KIWA has been a veteran on sound design and electronic music over the past 2 decades and has released with more than 20 labels worldwide over his career. He has been laying low on music for the past two years perfecting his craft and wanting to bring something different into the current world of electronic music. A perfect blend of future and past, this full album is inspired by the music from the 70s-90s and was produced, mixed and mastered using analog equipment. These tracks were originally written between 2014 and 2022 and truly give us that nostalgic feel that we crave for in music.

“While riding my bike to the shop, a melody and some lyrics started playing in my head. It felt like they would suit a young voice, so I asked Bea Aino (aged 12 at the time) to record them, and these vocals became the track chorus. Despite her young age, she actually laid them down perfectly on the first go. Bea has been singing all her life, but this track is her first performance ever to end up on an actual release.” – Markku Louhio (KIWA)

Metaphor opens with insanely catchy female vocals reminiscent of our childhood radio anthems, bringing in guitar riffs and drum beats that put us in a nostalgic trance. Retro synths fill the soundscape and an epic bassline and four on the floor beat picks up for a full cinematic experience that reminds us of a movie soundtrack. This track teleported us to a neon colored night drive through a city and scratched the nostalgic retro itch that brings us back to early electronic anthems.

Mastering by Markku Louhio @ The dB Factory


Download from Bandcamp