A new single is out on Exogenic! .. the long awaited ‘Deepscan’. This pumping dancefloor track is a mix of old school vibes and modern electro influences. We have been bombed with questions about this one and now it’s finally available. Thanks for your patience people! In a way, Deepscan is also the end of an era for Kiwa. It will be our last trance release for some time … we have always liked to mix different styles together and on the following releases (scheduled for June/July/August 2009) we have cooked up some electro, breaks and techno tracks. From the new ones, a release we are really looking forward to is a remix for Far Too Loud. We hate genre labeling, so maybe best to decide for yourselves. It’s all about music you like (or not) in the end. Listen to the Deepscan audio clip at kiwa myspace. Available from all major digital stores including: beatport.com junodownload.com iTunes