KIWA joins the Gravitas Recordings family July 7th with the first single off his massive album coming later in August. KIWA has been a veteran on sound design and electronic music over the past 2 decades and has released with more than 20 labels worldwide over his career. He has been laying low on music for the past two years perfecting his craft and wanting to bring something different into the current world of electronic music. A perfect blend of future and past, this full album is inspired by the music from the 70s-90s and was produced, mixed and mastered using analog equipment. These tracks were originally written between 2014 and 2022 and truly give us that nostalgic feel that we crave for in music.

“The idea and lyrics for ‘Just a Hack’ stemmed from frustration on social media, racism and hate speech, online abuse, disinformation, lack of data privacy and the despotic and indifferent corporations behind the social media services. The track is a humoristic take on the subject, but with the intent to make the listener think about a common problem we’re all too familiar with. It’s a love/hate relationship we’re too afraid to let go. It’s a global regression of solidarity that has ethically set us back decades and made intolerance acceptable again, only within a few years.” – Markku Louhio (KIWA)

Just A Hack opens with an AI female voice that immidiately gave us flashbacks to Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ and early 2012 era EDM. A groovy breakbeat, retro synths and a driving bassline are introduced for a heavy hitting track teleporting us into a dystopian future. This track feels like a soundtrack to a retro movie or cyberpunk video game, and truly merges the past and futuristic sounds of electronic music. The AI voice hook continues through the track and KIWA builds a full cinematic experience with the use of extra synths and sound design. This one will get stuck in your head for days and we aren’t complaining!

Mastering by Markku Louhio @ The dB Factory

KIWA · Just A Hack