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Press Release:

MINISTRY OF SOUND & JOHN ‘00’ FLEMING break new ground – ‘Psy Trance Euphoria’ released 18th of February – Euphoria/Ministry of Sound

Seminal DJ and producer John ‘00’ Fleming has signed a new record deal with the hugely successful Euphoria/MOS brand. John has already clocked up sales of almost a million albums with his previous White Label Euphoria album series, the last of which was released in 2005.

This time sees John “00” Fleming mixing a new cutting edge concept ‘Psy Trance Euphoria’, reflecting the current power of the Psy-Trance genre globally.

Last year Psy-Trance pulled in worldwide festival audiences in their millions. Fiercely underground, it has shied away from commercial pressures, making it one of the most popular and well-regarded sub-genres of electronic music. While the album is merely Fleming’s take on the genre, John was also inspired to record his own artist album (under the guise of 00.db with fellow artist The Digital Blonde) of tracks specifically inspired by and for the scene, and combining it with the double DJ mix CD to make it a 3 CD concept.

The 00.db artist album features exclusive tracks and remix collaborations with the likes of Israel’s top psy trance DJ, Astrix. The DJ-mixed discs feature the top names from the genre, with tracks and mixes from Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Freq, Tristan, Dag, Vibrasphere, Astral Projection, Fatali, Earthling, Xerox & Illumination, and many more.

John ‘00’ Fleming says:
“Over the three CDs I want people to experience the journey through the Progressive elements of Psy and Morning Psy that I love dearly. The third CD is an extra treat of my own productions with The Digital Blonde under our 00.db guise. It’s the first time in history an artist album has been linked together with a mix compilation, so I’m very excited to be a part of this.”

John ‘00’ Fleming’s Management, Seven Webster of 7pm says:
“This will be the first time a DJ has packaged an artist album along with a double mix CD and we are interested to see how people react to it. DJ artist albums have always proved hard to sell but we believe this all round package is not only strong musically but is an exciting representation of a scene that has been steadily building over the last few years. That coupled with the Euphoria/MOS and John Fleming brands should make for a really strong all round package.”

Track Listing
1. Sun Control Species – Spines
2. Out of the Loop – Strangest Night and Still
3. Kiwa – Hertz So Good
4. Nyquest – Ghost Rider
5. Ovnimoon vs El Zisco vs Mixed Emotions feat Vivs – Human Spirit
6. Ace Ventura – Presence
7. Vibrasphere – Morning Breeze
8. Human Blue – Dessert Desert
9. Klopfgeister – Luminosity (Invisible Reality Remix)
10. Wizzy Noise – Lost Atlantis
11. Fatali – Flip
12. Hypersonic Whomen – Push the Limit
13. Vibrasphere – Autumn Lights
14. FREq – Stone Shaker

1. Origin – Angel of My Soul (Allaby Remix)
2. Human Blue – Lone Ranger
3. Tristan – Dream Machine
4. MFG – Positive Energy’
5. Earthling – Sonic Earth
6. Xerox & Illumination – Ghost In Machine (Wizzy Noise Remix)
7. Xerox & Illumination – Creature of The Night
8. Astral projection – Prophecy
9. Wizzy Noise – Dreaming Machine
10. Alien Project – Aztechno (Dream Remix)
11. Wizzy Noise – Sea Song
12. Jay Selway & Magnus – Stronghold
13. Delirious – Atmos Fear
14. Infected Mushroom – Deeply disturbed

CD3: OO.db Artist album. (John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde) –
1. Ark
2. Twister
3. Lantra
4. Orba
5. Pro 1
6. Darkness
7. Fused
8. Worlds of space
9. Astrix – Ice cream (00.db Remix)
10. Nicholas Bennison – Turbo machinery (00.db Remix)
11. Layover
12. Magna