We are closing in on the release date of ‘Satisfiction pt I’. The first part of the double LP will be released by Adapted Records on all digital platforms September 11th.

Satisfiction part I starts the journey with laid back funky beats, futuristic retro soundscapes and old school breakbeat vibes. Part II takes the the trip further with a selection of heavier and deeper drum ‘n’ bass tracks.

Below you will find a teaser for part I. Stay tuned for more updates!

1. Fracture
2. Urban Machine
3. Momentum
4. Future Defeats feat. Jackson Whalan
5. Raw Meat
6. Rebel Funk
7. Neve 2000
8. Solid Fiction
9. Intoxicated feat. Jere Garcia
10. Reality on a Finer Scale
11. Glitch Love feat. Heidi K